The Cross House

4, 5, 6…SQUEE!!!!!!!!



AFTER. Today, I was able to remove the drunken scaffolding!


Almost all of this is new. New shingles, new sheathing under, and new framing under under. Mostly new window frames. Note how the shingles horizontally align with the window trim. Smooth! (The dimpled cornice was caused by a 1999 fire. This is not obvious at ground level.)



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  1. That looks great! One of my favorite parts is the reveal after you remove your cattywompus scaffolding. I have to admit it reminds me of something Tolkien’s goblins would build.

    The shingles (and clapboards, elsewhere) aligning with the window trim is one of my favorite details in wood-sided houses. The ability to subtly vary the reveal to match up with other horizontal elements is something entirely lost in vinyl, and even other modern imitation siding.

  2. I can hardly believe you are on the homestretch on the outside, and I can’t wait to see the final pictures of the Cross House in all it’s glory 🤗🤗🤗 Yes, I know lots to do yet. However, Ross, I think you should install outdoor lights on the porch purely for safety reasons. I understand wanting to keep true to the era of the house as much as possible, but you are making some concessions, ie. kitchen appliances,internet access, etc. Incorporating as inconspicuously as possible what’s available today to make life easier and safer makes sense to me, Ross.

  3. Ross–Remind me how you deal with the 3rd floor. Cherry-picker? That top gable is going to be a bitch! I had a similar situation once and built “rungs” on the adjoining roof to anchor my feet, laid on my back and prayed that I remembered everything I needed on the first trip, didn’t slide off, didn’t drop a tool once I was ensconced, and didn’t spill the paint. I’m too old to even consider anything like that now.

    • Hi, David!

      Yes, I will build a custom ladder thingy (with movable work table) for the roof of the tippy-top gable. I did this with a north gable and it proved easy.

      At the bottom of the gable will be a staging area (atop a scaffolding tower).

      Luckily, the top gable seems in OK condition to being up there shouldn’t take too long.

  4. It constantly amazes me how you have so much to do and never seem to get discouraged. You must have a lot of patience. This is looking so good and it soothes my soul to see your progress. Carry on – we’re still here.

    • Thanks, Vicki!

      I would have lost my mind by now but for Audible books.

      This is, by far, THE most important tool in my tool chest!

  5. I am so looking forward to this side of the house matching the porch side. It is going to be so utterly fabulous.

  6. I’ll be back to Emporia soon, and I will ooh and aah over the fabulous, finished corner in person! The “after” looks sooooo much better than the “before.”

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