The Cross House

7, 8, 9…SQUEE!!!!!!!!

I am missing the hardware for a single door in the Cross House. So, you can imagine my great delight when Bo…


…brought this eBay listing to my attention, which matches all the other hardware in the house. And, $32 later, it was mine! Thanks, Bo! Now, I just need the matching door plates!



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  1. Wow, that is a great find! It’s a great feeling to find matching hardware that’s gone missing!

    I searched for matching replacement hardware for missing stuff on both of our houses, and have been generally successful, but it takes much patience. Thank goodness for ebay, etsy, and the like. I don’t know how people did it before; swap meets and flea markets just don’t give the selection that a nation (and world)-wide online marketplace. Of course, the frustrating part is that it’s difficult to identify, search, and find what you want. Half the time the pieces I need aren’t clearly marked, and even after sleuthing down the maker or style name, the odds of the random ebay junk seller knowing what they have and listing it are miniscule. “Old door knob” is not a helpful title when it’s one of 5,000 “old door knobs”.

  2. That is wonderful! I admit to being somewhat jealous of your hardware; except for a couple of doors on the main floor, most of mine are plain, what we would call “builder-grade” today. I guess that is the difference between our houses…mine is a Ford, yours is a Cadillac, LOL

  3. I know that you probably already thought of this, but if not, did you email the seller of the knob and ask if they had the backplate, or knew where the knob originated? I have found that eBay sellers often have things related to those that they are selling or sources of such things that they have not mentioned in their listings.

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