The Cross House

Before. A Most Delicious After.

The SE corner BEFORE. 




This single corner has been overwhelming. And I have never said that about any project on the Cross House.

The work began in October! Eight friggin’ months ago! EIGHT MONTHS! While the work has not been continuous for all those months due to cold weather or rain, it has nonetheless been eight months up in that corner! ARGH!!!!!!!!

However, the results?


As previously mentioned, both the window frames are mostly new. The windows sashes were restored. Most of the shingles are new, and all the new ones had to be hand-cut to size and shape. Soooooooooo not fun! Under the shingles, the wall sheathing was largely replaced. Under that, much of the framing (holding the house up) was replaced. And the fire-damaged big cornice had to be fussed over and then fussed with some more.

I thought I would lose my mind.

Two things proved a salvation:

  1. Audible books.
  2. My patented Baby Step™ method.

So, tonight, I request that y’all pour a glass of wine, and toast to The Completion Of The Friggin’ SE Corner!


22 Responses to Before. A Most Delicious After.

  1. That is SO delicious! ALOT of work, but LOOK! I hope the rest moves a bit more quickly. Your abilities are the best!

  2. No doubt it was tedious & arduous but Ross, your diligence has turned a very troubled and rickety area of the house, into a well protected, sturdy structure. It doesn’t even look like the same area – it looks bigger!
    Oddly, one of my favorite things is the beautifully painted downspout. Before,it always looked disjointed but now, it’s so completely part of the house!

    🎉 Cheers, Ross!🍷

  3. Wow, wow and wow. That looks truly amazing. Forget the glass and just drink the damn bottle. Well done Ross. That’s such a testiment to your love of Cross House.

  4. I can’t express how much I love, love,love your attention to detail and your commitment to doing things correctly and thoroughly!! So many would have just slapped on a coat of paint and called it a day, but what you’re doing insures the preservation of the Cross house for eons to come. You’re one in a billion. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

  5. BTW site no longer recognized by my device😱

    Changes in blog?

    No worries…

    Just wondered—have to repopulate each time I respond….used to fill in automatically:-/

    Don’t worry & no need to respond— in a free moment —(do u have those?)🙂 let me know if changes.

    You probably informed all some time ago…

  6. LOVES! It looks phenomenal, and kudos to you for this great big baby-step labor of love of doing everything the right way! Such a HUGE impact!

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