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A Bat. In the Parlor.

On Thursday I drove to Kansas City to buy lots-o-bread.

And I, of course, had to stop by my friend Susi’s house!

Susi is an artist and works in a variety of mediums.


Susi just finished this piece. It’s for her foyer. “I wanted a place to drop the mail.” A normal person would, you know, buy a small table.


Susi had this delightful batgirl. With my newfound fondness for bats, I just HAD to have her!


And she looks quite well on my 1894 parlor mantel.




8 Responses to A Bat. In the Parlor.

  1. I have gained a new appreciation of bats as well! They are such amazingly misunderstood creatures! I think that your parlor bat is a perfect addition! High five for being a champion to both history and animals.

  2. I wrote on your other post about bats that I couldn’t decide whether I thought bats were cute or creepy, but SHE is a cute bat! (I think bats do have cute faces, but their wings…not so much)

  3. What a nice bat! I like bats and love to watch them flying in dusk in summer out of my window.
    Wouldn’t it be practical and period correct to put a doily under it (fear of scratching the mantel)?

  4. I’m glad to see you pearlized the middle of the ceiling. The lightning bolts just needed to be shiny! Also, cute batgirl.

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