The Cross House

A Column SQUEE!!!!!!!!

Four columns support the porte-cochère. These are the two east-most columns. Part of the base on one was broken in half, and its upper section was missing.


The column was only standing due to a steel rod running through it. A rod rusted through at the base as I discovered. And the “box” above the carved capital?


Its back was rotted out and had to be removed.


And the shaft (right) was in poor shape, with long cracks.


This column, to me, was the poster child symbolizing the decay of the Cross House.

For five years it taunted me. Each time I would gaze at it, I would feel a stab of pain. With every passing year I would grow ever more worried: Would I ever be able to bring the wretched column back to life and beauty?

Well…………..wanna see what it looks like now? Scroll way down…





















The base is all new, as is the “pancake” just below the carved capital. The box on top is half new.

And Ross? He is very very very happy tonight.

The restoration of the final eight columns on the south side of the house are part of the 2017 Heritage Trust Grant. 



10 Responses to A Column SQUEE!!!!!!!!

  1. Majorly impressive, Ross. If not for the Before pictures, a viewer might think that the restored column is 100% brand-new! Wheeeeee (claps with happy dance)!

  2. Wonderful!!!

    Ross this work is amazing & you are right about symbols of the Cross House decay & these south columns are the epitome!

    Yay Kansas for the opportunities like the Heritage grants!

  3. That is magic. Well done, Ross. As always, your attention to detail and your commitment to restoration rather than replacement is impressive and inspirational. Thank you for being a beacon of light and for proving beyond all reason that all the effort is worth it.

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