A Pan Beauty!

A 1920s pan-style chandelier.


Pan-style fixtures were wildly popular during the 1920s and 1930s. Such fixtures are defined by a pan-shaped body with protruding arms.

The above chandelier was in an antique store. Its finish? A dull brown. Initially, I passed it by. A second look made me suspect that the dull brown was perhaps a century of dirt. What, I wondered, was under?

A long soaking revealed a pewter-like finish! With gold accents. Lovely!

I enjoy looking at the restored chandelier. The leaping candles remind me of ballet dancers on point! I also love the sweet little tassels under the arms.



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3 Responses to A Pan Beauty!

  1. Very nice piece.

    I chose pan fixtures for our Foursquare, only with hanging sockets and shades. They have a unique elegance, and not many people know much about them, so I always enjoy explaining!

  2. You have some very unique lights, Ross. My question is, do you hang these for the photo shoot and then take them down? That alone would be a chore!

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