The Virden Company produced a huge number of lighting fixtures during the 1930s and beyond.

One of their most popular lines was their Winthrop Series, introduced about 1930. As a result, I am always coming across Winthrop fixtures, including the one shown here, as well as chandelier versions, 3-bulbs, 2-bulbs, and sconces.

For me, the fixtures are a joy because they normally retain their original rich polychrome finish, and (I love this!) they are easy to rewire! There are fixture I avoid because long experience has taught me that they are a nightmare to rewire!


Ideal for a room with a low-ish ceiling, the surface-mounted Winthrop fixture is just 3-inches high (without bulbs), and it is 15-inches wide.


Made of aluminum, the fixture retains its rich polychrome of deep burnished gold, with red and jade highlights.







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