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A Teasing Post

I have done a lot of posts about decorating the parlor.

Then the posts stopped.

This is because I had an epiphany, and…eek…started making some significant changes to the room. You will be shocked. Hell, I am shocked.

But yesterday I sat in the revamped room and was filled head-to-toe with joy and pleasure. The room is radically different than it was a week ago and it looks INCREDIBLE.

I have been sending update images to Patrica and she, too, is shrieking with delight. “It looks fabulous! I can’t believe the difference!”

In about a week I should be done and will do a post. Which will knock your socks off. But until then…




18 Responses to A Teasing Post

    • Two people wrote and asked if I was OK. “You stopped doings posts on the parlor!”

      So I thought I should post something.

  1. This means, of course, that we’ll have to delay posting our reactions for a week after your reveal…

    (Just kidding! I doubt we could, but I had to make a token effort to tease back!)

  2. You’re gonna’ look up one day, in the middle of your stenciling or painting or whatever the heck it is that you’re doing, to see many fan faces pressed upon the window glass trying to see just what it is! Well, all I can say is hurry up and do it and post it quick!

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