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An Ode to Porcelain. Part 2. And an Invitation.

In my previous post on this subject, I had wondered about the age of the American Standard toilet in the marble bath of the 1894 Cross House. I knew it was old, but how old? I wrote:

“Is it 1920s? Circa-1910? Or is it the original 1894 toilet?”

One of the things that I really love about having a blog is that people — wonderfully — join in. And Travis left a comment:

“My 1928 Standard toilet bowl is dated on the bottom around the hole.”

Really? So, I turned the bowl upsidedown (the toilet is not installed), something I would not normally ever do. Actually, this is something I would never do. I mean, who looks at the underbelly of a toilet?

And lo and behold:


Not just the year, but the month and day, too!


So, thank you, Travis! The man!

Oh, will you all please join me on October 23, 2026? I just have to have a party to celebrate the century mark of my toilet!

Pencil the date in!

4 Responses to An Ode to Porcelain. Part 2. And an Invitation.

  1. Yep! Toilets are dated! I learned when selling real estate that you could generally date a house by lifting off the tank lid and reading the date underneath! (Of course the potty made be a replacement from years later…)

  2. Also, the BOH guy is a fanatic for original bathrooms dating before your house so that would be a good resource too.

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