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An Ode to Porcelain. Part 3. BREAKING NEWS!

In a previous post, it was discovered (thanks to Travis) that the American Standard toilet in the marble bath of the Cross House dates from 1926.

Barb also brought to my attention a contest which American Standard had in 2005 for the Oldest Toilet in America.

A 1928 model won.


The winner!


But my model is two years older! Does this mean that I own THE oldest toilet in America?

What an honor! What a thrill!

And is the toilet still eligible for a prize???????????????????



For my whole life I have not given much thought to toilets. But now I kinda look in wonder and awe at the marble bath WC!

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  1. You have a nice toilet. I just installed my 1928 model today! My house is from 1931 though, so don’t tell anyone I have a “used” toilet. Ross, I’ll send some pictures once the tools are gone.

  2. It just makes me wonder what the 1894 original might have looked like. The 1926 model is mighty pretty. And definitely curvaceous.

    • I wonder the same thing! Was it the type with the wooden tank up high on the wall? Maybe. I also know that toilets with low tanks existed in 1894. So, the original toilet might have looked a lot like the 1926 toilet. Maybe.

    • Hello Barb, There is a wonderful YouTube post “The History of the Toilet” and also google reproduction toilets and click on the pictures, that should satisfy your curiosity, truly they were works of art. Regards-GC

  3. I posted a long comment on the first toilet post. Then the internet ate it and I was too lazy to retype… That said, I suspect my Standard has these beat as it’s much curvier, lucky for you I have no desire to tempt fate by removing the bowl. I did have two questions for you though, what did they polish your bowl with? It looks spectacular. And, what was embossed on the bowl by the spud connection?

  4. Re the centennial celebration – you supply the beer and I’ll supply the christening liquid.
    Spud connection is where it connected to the tank

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