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NORTH FACADE. In the previous post, Ken asked about the windows in the servant’s stair, which I refer to as the Stair Tower. The tower is in the NE corner of the house, and runs from the basement all the way the the fourth level. The stairs are U-shaped. The tower has four windows. Two face north, and are round. You can see them to the left in the above original blueprint. Window #3 is at basement level, under the round windows. I restored #3 in 2014. Note also the window way over to the very left, first floor. This is a diamond-paned sash, lighting the main pantry, which has two such sashes.



EAST FACADE. Window #4 in the stair tower is plain, rectangular, and can be seen on the second floor, right of center. Ken asked: was this window originally diamond-paned like the pantry window below it (obscured by a storm window)? I replied: I have no idea! But now I am intensely curious!



One of the two round windows was restored by the previous owner, Bob Rodak, and is in situ. I love looking at it.



Its twin has spent WAY too many nights out drinking and drugging and clubbing, and is in the basement. I will see about getting the window restored…after rehab.




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  1. Mary Garner-Mitchell on April 25, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    Curious about the colors of the restored round window as opposed to the remnant colored glass in the derelict one. Would they not have been the same?

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