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Another Curved Sofa!

I have the same curved sofa, and several readers have commented that they would love one. Well, this blue one is for sale in Moorestown, New Jersey. The seller is also offering a table (pictured) and two great looking chairs, and all for a Buy It Now price of $1699 on eBay. All are from the Thomasville Bogart collection. The opening bid is $1199, so if nobody else bids you can get this $8,000 collection for a really good price.



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  1. I love this style of sofa. It is so conducive to conversation among everyone on the sofa. The really long straight sofas tend to only be comfortable for two people to converse, or two pairs to converse within each pair.

    • The long straight sofa also works if you have a couple talking to each other, and a third person at the other end talking to themselves… 😉

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