The Cross House



Restoring an old house requires a lot of tools.

So, having power tools and screws and a caulk gun and ladders are musts. But there are some things often overlooked but which I consider essentials.


How did I used to work on old houses before Audible books? How? So many hours doing tedious work now just flies by as I listen to a good murder mystery, a celebrity tell-all, a tear-inducing romance, or a sweet book like A Man Called Ove, which I am listening to now. I recently finished the very long America’s First Daughter, and will forever associate the work on the Cross House parlor with this book.


Yesterday, Sarah asked how was I able to do the ceiling? Scaffolding on wheels! The many hours creating the ceiling and frieze would have been torture on a ladder. If you have an old house, and the upper walls and ceilings need work, go out and buy some scaffolding on wheels. STAT! You will never regret it.


The love I feel for my shop vac is so intense that it is perhaps unnatural. I don’t care. I LOVE MY SHOP VAC! I have had this one for about 15 years and it has gone from job to job to job. It effortlessly sucks up everything and keep job sites from becoming depressingly dirty. About twice a month I vacuum every inch of the Cross House and fewer things bring me more pleasure.





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  1. I might be heading to craigslist to find some scaffolding soon! Thanks for the shoutout. Do you lay on your back on it? I still think my neck would hurt!

  2. They say that Michelangelo used scaffolding to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; with your essential equipment, skills and vision, there is no telling what heights you will reach!

  3. I am so happy because you are so pleased. So glad you have your vision in place!! Such hard work!! You have outdone yourself & retained your sanity with your favorite & essential tools!

  4. I know what you mean about audio books. I listen to them all the time and it really make working, driving etc. more enjoyable. Thanks for the book titles, I’ve added them to my list of must listen to.

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