Bad Boys & Girls

In my current house the backyard is surrounded by an eight-foot-high metal fence. This means that my kitties cannot climb it, so they have a safe haven INSIDE the fence.

On occasion though, an unauthorized visitor enters the Cat Zone. Or unauthorized in the plural



The other night, just before going to bed, I turned on the deck light, and glanced outdoors. Oh dear. Oh my! There were five raccoons devouring the last bits of cat food. I grabbed my camera, but one raccoon vanished, and another scurried into a hole below the deck. I recall this raccoon set from a year previous, when Mom Raccoon and her four small babies ventured onto the same deck. My, how her babies have grown!



I carefully stepped out onto the deck, and the beasts scurried away. I knew where they would go, based on my experience from a year previous. The beasts ran to the huge black walnut tree within the fenced yard. They scurried up it, and WAY up to the top branches.



The same image enhanced. Can you see one of the intruders? Well, all five scurried UP the high branches, then WAY up, then they jumped to the high branches of a neighboring tree (which I would not have thought possible but for seeing this with my own eyes), then down and out past the fenced yard. Geez. Such acrobats!


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