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Beginning about 1960, and lasting through to the 1970s, a particular style chandelier became wildly popular. The chandeliers were all made-in-Spain, were brass, and most had 5 or 6 arms, and were about 16-inches wide. I come across this chandelier often, but never buy them. Every few years however one will capture my special attention. Like this one. It was unusually large (24-inches wide!), and had ten arms. Ten! It was also missing all its crystals, and this compelled in me a desire to resurrect its lost beauty.



And the results make me happy. Hello, gorgeous!



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  1. Cara on May 19, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    I have a set of these, a large one in the Great Entrance Hall ( the house was built in 1978) and a slightly smaller one in the formal dining room. I did not know they were made in Spain, and am grateful to have this information, as in the late 1990s these were being replaced in the homes all around my area and could be found in the local antique stores in for a couple hundred dollars. I resisted removing them because they are original to the house, and I also noticed that some of the homes had very small ones in their Great Entrance Halls leading me to believe that the size must of been a option to the original home buyers, and thought it may be worth keeping the larger ones I have. I recently ( January 2020) saw a one as large as mine for sale for just over $1200.00, whether it sold or not I have no idea as the stores here are all closed down currently. However when they open I will inquire about it. I will say I was heavily pressured to replace mine by neighbors who were replacing theirs and happily resisited due to my experiences with my sister as she was trying to find original fixtures for her Victorian in Orlando in 2008. Thank-you for your blogs. The Cross house is a dream and I am grateful that you are saving her!

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