The Cross House

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  1. Ross, I think your second #16 is really your missing #15 – the extender from the top of the 5 is just detached from the lower portion. What do you think?

  2. I’ve noticed, throughout the plans for the details, it say No. XXX. Does that refer to a pattern from a catalog? If so, do you have any idea from which company’s catalog it had come from?

    • Yes, that would, I assume, refer to catalog items.

      I know that the mantels and interior doors and interior trim were all catalog items.

      But I don’t know where they were from.

      Not yet!

      • Thank you for posting these, Ross. As an aspiring architect, your home and blog has inspired me to no end! My dream home pays great homage to the Cross House, Mr. Squires, and you.

      • Ross, there are scores and scores of old millwork catalogs out there, but ironically almost all of them feature (mostly) the same content. There were two major publishing companies in Chicago – Rand McNally and Shattuck & McKay – and each published a sort of “universal” catalog that millwork companies (especially across the midwest) would order with their own imprinted covers and title pages, customized selections for the various pre-established categories (stairwork, mantels, porches, decorative brackets, moldings, inlaid floors, doors and sash, stained glass designs, etc.), and maybe add a few unique pages of their own stuff (rare, but happened).

        This means most local millwork companies were working off of standardized designs, supplemented by their own in-house creations. It was not a crazy free-for-all as it might seem with Victorian houses, and there is some chance that the catalog numbers referred to in the drawings reference designs found in either the Rand McNally or Shattuck & McKay catalogs. These are out there as reprints, you just have to be sure to have examples from both publishing companies.

        The mantel I bought years ago for my 1894 home as salvage at Rejuvenation, reportedly came out of Kansas, and I found it later in one of these catalogs.

  3. So I have been binge reading and drooling for about a week…I can’t get enough of every detail and picture. Thanks you so much for sharing every story and incredible pictures. You are living my dream! So do these plans give you details of missing rooftop “bits”…finials, weather vanes, etc? Are there any details for the missing finial of the octagonal tower?

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