The Cross House

Revelations on Drawing #13!

Last year I received a circa-1932 image of the Cross House. It showed a previously unknown finial atop the octagon tower. (Courtesy Mouse Family archives.)


I knew that such a finial had likely existed, as I had the original drawing of the south facade (#3), which showed just such a finial, as well as the extant turret finial. Yet, the octagon finial in the drawing, and in the image, did not match.


THURSDAY. Based on the 1932 image, I had WF Norman create a finial, which I picked up on Thursday.


FRIDAY: Merryl and Lindy Mouse stopped by the house to very kindly give me drawing #1 of the Cross House, which I was missing. After they left, I pulled together all the drawings, such as #12, above. This shows, in part, several finials, which I have looked at a million times, but none of which are for the octagon tower (all these images enlarge if you click on them, and click again).


SATURDAY. Oh! What is that on drawing #13? See, lower right?


It’s the missing octagon tower finial! I never noticed before! Curiously, it does not match the finial shown on drawing #3, and nor does it match the finial shown in the 1932 image. But, I really love the bottom of this finial.


So, whatever doubts there were as to my having a shred of sanity remaining, the following act will wholly dispel all doubt. For, I am going to send this finial back to WF Norman, and kindly request that they replace the straight-edge mounting flanges with the delicious curvaceous mounting flanges as shown in drawing #13.


If WF Norman agrees to modify the finial, the results will not be what was on drawing #3, nor drawing #12, nor as shown in the 1932 image. As in keeping with the evolving history of the octagon finial, the 2016 version will be yet another iteration.

There is a part of me which resists this. This part says: Just paint the damn finial and get it installed this week! Who cares about the damn mounting flange!

However, this part is drowned out by a singing chorus: If you don’t do it right, you will never look at the installed finial with joy. No, you will always think: You should have made that small extra effort when you had the chance.

And who am I to argue with a singing chorus?





4 Responses to Revelations on Drawing #13!

  1. This is great!!! I hope the people who voted on giving the Cross House the money to restore are reading your blogs. There is no doubt your complete heart and soul are in this project.

  2. I think you just jumped off the edge of sublime and into a pool of ridiculous. Look at the 1932 picture of the finial. Can you see any flashing at all? No! You can certainly use the money for something more worthwhile. Remember, the original roof was alternating rows of square cut and fish scale shingles. Now they are all square cut. Please let the flashing be square cut too.

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