The Cross House

MORE Revelations on Drawing #13!

This is the glorious triple-arched windows on the second-floor of the Cross House, north facade (the right window is not shown).


You can see the windows in the center of drawing #2.


And in drawing #13. But wait, what is that? Why…


…there are round medallions at the bottom! Those are not there in real life, and nor is there any indication that they had ever been installed.


I like them though.

I wonder if WF Norman has some in stock? I will need but five.

Or, will I be messing with the time/space continuum by ordering something in 2016, drawn in 1894, but never installed? Might this alter reality as we know it? I mean, what if I go ahead, and Kim Kardashian becomes president in November?







5 Responses to MORE Revelations on Drawing #13!

  1. I think you should see if the additions will alter the space/time continuum! 1) I think medallions would look great on the house. I bet they wanted to install them, but had to save money somewhere so they got cut. You’ll just be fulfilling their vision 😉 2) Can Kim Kardashian really be any worse than any of the other candidates currently running? Seriously.

    On a serious note, I love your writing style and always look forward to your new posts. Thanks for putting in all the work to entertain and inform us!!!!!

    • Thank you for the kind words!

      Oh, and there is one candidate who I think is incredible! And I look forward to voting for her!

  2. There is one candidate who I think is incredible! And I look forward to voting for him!

  3. It’s fun seeing that regardless of how much things change, some stay the same. Like as-built construction always differing from the architect’s concept.

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