The Cross House

Color Arrives at the Cross House

ZOUNDS! I managed to get one corner of the parlor finally painted!


Above the painted area will be a burnished gold picture rail. Above that will be a stenciled frieze. The ceiling will have different stenciled patterns.

Even with just this one corner painted it is obvious how much better the woodwork looks, and stained-glass.

I am excited!



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  1. Wow. I have never liked that color, but you might be winning me over. It really does make the stained glass pop.

    Question: Is it just me, or are the doors different colors?

    • I picked the wall color because it complemented the stained-glass.

      The door to the left has had the old shellac removed. The door on the right is next on the de-shellac list.

  2. Like Barb, I would never use that color. But seeing it, next to stained glass windows, is an outstanding choice. And yes the woodwork looks amazing! Bravo !

    • The color is intense. But once the wall stencils are done, and the picture rail installed, and the frieze and ceiling done, and the blue silk draperies hung, and pictures on the walls hung, and the furnishings put back in place, all should look…fabulous.

      In short, the intense color will recede, but will still make the room come alive.

  3. Brilliant! And yes, once the room is all assembled, all the colours will make sense. Out of context – a bit bright ๐Ÿ™‚ But then again, Ross, you are very bright and alive!!! This suits you very much. Fabulous!

  4. I feel like a parrot at times, “lookin good, lookin good, lookin good”…but Ross, it’s lookin good!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yikes! Ever since I was a child, I loved papered walls. That’s what I would put up. I especially love William Morris’ designs. Congratulations on reaching another milestone.

    • I will be papering the library.

      Enough of the original papers (wall, frieze, and ceiling) for the 2-story stairhall exist to recreate them. This will be breathtakingly expensive but I hope to do this down the road.

      Bo thinks that the original parlor wallpaper can be recreated, too. So, I hope to also do this down the road. In the interim, painting the parlor seems a good, highly affordable solution!

  6. Oh dear god is that colour ever beautiful! And it brings out the glass and the woodwork so beautifully! One of my least favorite things about the current state of modern design is the infatuation designers have with white. if only there were more rosses in the world… cant wait to see how the curtains and furnishings look with it, I am giddy with anticipation!

  7. Beautiful! I have the same color in my hallway that is visible as you enter my house and in the living room, adjacent, I have turquoise on an accent wall. I love it! Nathan is right, I don’t understand the current fascination with all white and/or gray.

  8. It looks wonderful! I love to watch your amazing transformation of the Cross House!

    Have a look at the dining room walls in this house ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. WOWZERS! I’m a bright color girl and this looks amazing! The first thing I noticed was how great it makes the stained glass look!

    Great color pick! <3

  10. Love it! I have the same color in my kitchen and it’s my favorite color in the house. Sure wish I had your beautiful stained glass to go with it!

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