The Cross House

More Railing! And A Tantalizing Alert!

Today I installed the curved railing on the left!


Now there are THREE railings!!!!!!!!


After the railings are all installed, I need to repair the porch flooring (not hard or $$$), and then get the damn lattice made (really hard and really $$$). Doug, who made the straight lattice for the north porch, has been VERY mean in his unwillingness to make curved lattice for free. I know! So, getting the curved lattice may take some time. But….Justin and I think we can do the straight lattice soon!



The previous owner of the Cross House, Bob Rodak, recently sent me an image of some stuff he had in storage.

Wanna see?

Scroll down…

























OK. I am freakin’ out! Freakin’ out, man!

Are these from the Cross House? Or the carriage house? If the latter, they would be from the now demolished circa-1921 porch.

Well, I am breathless!

Stay tuned!



16 Responses to More Railing! And A Tantalizing Alert!

  1. I am smitten by the stone pier cutouts on the lattice sides. If they are the Cross House’s, you will be able to fit them like Cinderella’s glass slippers. Charming, Ross!

  2. That curved rail is so cute!!

    Did you ever decide on a porch ceiling colour, Ross? I think sky blue or light pink would look really nice.

  3. This isn’t such exciting news!!!
    All the latest updates are so exciting!
    Over 3 years of remarkable restorations:-)
    You should be so proud of your accomplishments as they are so amazing!

  4. I expected that the railings would really look great, but…they look even better than I expected!! How are you making the curved top and bottom rails?

      • I am just curious; my railings are straight on the porch, but the two sets of steps flare out at the bottom. Fortunately, the flare is not extreme, and I was able to cut the top and bottom rails from 2X16s so that they were all one piece. As much curve as you have there, I wondered if they were cut from laminated plywood, or if they were actually solid wood that had somehow been bent. I found a local woodworker that could have “bent” my rails, but he wanted around $150 per rail, so with top and bottoms, that came out to nearly $1200.

  5. You mentioned pale olive for the porch ceiling– same color family as Is used for painting siding? Isn’t that an olive hue? Cross House is looking lovelier by the day. Way to go Ross!

  6. railings make a huge difference and the lattice will really make it look great.
    question – i hope the battleship grey downspouts are temporary as they really clash with all the other great looking porch stuff.

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