The Cross House


When I purchased the Cross House in 2014, about half of the twenty main porch columns were missing.

One of my first goals was to restore all twelve columns to the west face of the L-shaped porch.






The missing columns had been lying in the backyard for many years, slowly moldering away. I hauled them inside the house and let them dry out.

There were four missing capitals. I had new ones made of cast resin. Dr. Doug made new bases.


However, I have not done a thing to the south face of the main porch. It is missing four columns. But today…


…I picked up four new columns! (They have temporary bases and caps.) The columns are solid cedar.


Three of new columns, with original hand-carved capitals, and new tippy-tops. The tops are a bit higher than needed, and each will be cut down to fit. The tops will also receive trim, which I had custom made to match the original trim. The new bases are in the basement. I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!!






15 Responses to Entasis…ARRIVES!!!!!!!!

  1. Oh Sweet!!! You may be sick of the south side with all the work it needs, but I have to say, I LOVE the south side and am just tickled pink that it is slowly, meticulously, carefully being brought back to life! Baby steps turn into giant leaps once done! Yeah Ross!

  2. Looks GREAT Ross………….What is the purpose of what looks like a piece of either solid wood or plywood screwed to the column sandwiched between the new columns and the original hand-carved capitals………

  3. Oh this is so exciting!! When have you planned to installed them?? So happy for you.
    Cheers from Montréal, Canada.

  4. There is no better feeling than seeing something put back as it was.
    South side of the house is my favourite aspect.

    Ross – i think when completed you should hire a horse and carriage so that you can have a grand arrival under the Porte cochere!

    What is the plan for the lattice work to the west facade Ross? I fear I may have missed that post.

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