The Cross House

Well, I got a LITTLE done!


See the stone plinth in the center? That is not original. It also interrupts the “big sweep”. Oh, the horror. But I have good news: it will soon be gone!


See the center protrusion? That is not original. And it obscures the two single-width plinths to each side. It was built to create a niche for a built-in gas cooker. Well. guess what I did today?


I removed some of it!!!!!!! I have been waiting 5 years to start this! You can see the single plinth to the left, revealed again! Well, a bit! Each plinth will soon have a single column.


Removing these few stones proved much harder than I anticipated.

I will need to call in Justin and his magical jackhammer.

Stay tuned!


8 Responses to Well, I got a LITTLE done!

    • Dawn, there was originally a dramatic sweeping porch railing circling the huge curve. The stone plinth interrupts that.

      So, I have the railing, and look forward to restoring this lost feature.

  1. I have to wonder… the two single piers so close seem an odd architectural detail. That is unless the steps used to go between them instead of off to the side as the currently do – making a grand minor entrance to the porch. Any idea if that is how it used to be Ross?

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