Favorite Houses: 628 Cottonwood

A year ago I never heard of architect Charles W. Squires.

Today I am — OK, I admit it! — a little obsessed with the man. I long for a time-travel app on my iPhone so I can go back to, say, 1925, and walk up to the Squires home at 613 Exchange, knock on the door, meet Mr. Squires, and blurt out in a gush: “Hello! My name is Ross! I have a strange story! And I would REALLY love to talk with you!”


It all began when I purchased the Squires-designed Cross House, in 2014.

At first I thought little about who designed my house. Then I began, in fits and starts, to learn about Squires, and became deeply intrigued. Impressed, too. The man was good.

Just two blocks from the Cross House, and one block from where Squires lived, is 628 Cottonwood. The house is not large and I think about six of them could fit comfortably into the Cross House.

I have no confirmation that 628 is by Squires. However, I have not a single doubt that the house IS a Squires creation.


Exchange. I have a separate post on this house.

ABOVE: 628 Cottonwood. Note the beveled, leaded-glass window on the second-floor. This expensive detail is a Squires signature.



ABOVE: Squires loved coming up with distinctive columns, but occasionally he used classical columns such as the Ionic columns on 628 Cottonwood. A block to the west, Squires also used…



ABOVE: …Ionic columns at 627 Exchange. This home, a confirmed Squires design, abounds with Ionic columns.



ABOVE: Additional Squires signatures include the lap-siding on the first floor, and shingles above (alternating between straight and rounded shingles, as on the Cross House). Note also the curved bay. Squires loved a curve.



ABOVE: Squires also loved a dentil detail. Note, again, the  beveled, leaded-glass windows.



ABOVE: Showing the south facade (to the right) of 628 Cottonwood.

As noted above, 628 Cottonwood is not a large house, yet it abounds with Big House details. I am mad for the house; it is like a Fabergé egg: Small but exquisite.

As I write these words, 628 is for sale, and for but $47,000. $47K for a Squires????? To me, this is like finding a Picasso for $47K. Geez.

Oh, I am going and try and obtain some interior images. Stay tuned for an update…

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