The Cross House

Harold: Santa Claus SUPERHERO

When I purchased the Cross House in 2014, I had no idea it was laced with speaking tubes.

Discovering this brought back a flood of memories about my beloved Aunt Mabel, who died when I was six. I wrote about speaking tubes and my Aunt previously. If you missed the post I think you will enjoy reading it.

My speaking tubes however were missing all their mouthpieces. This meant that I needed four.

So, eBay to the rescue!

In short order I was the high bidder on one. I paid $108, and thought this quite reasonable (of course, $5 would have been even more reasonable!).

But, being the high bidder means that there are pissed-off low bidders. And with something as rare as speaking tube mouthpieces this will, no doubt, result in prices spiking.

Must get mouthpiece! Must get mouthpiece! Must get mouthpiece! 

The second mouthpiece I scored was for $159. Not great, but not toooooooo bad.

I knew that getting another one would cost even more dearly.

Yep. $226. Ouch.

I now needed just one more. But then two years elapsed with NO mouthpieces being offered. So, when one came up last fall I went for it.

Must get mouthpiece! Must get mouthpiece! Must get mouthpiece! 

I bid like $425. And was outbid! Outbid! At $425!!!!!!!!

Then the same seller listed another one and with a starting bid of $800! A starting bid!

No one bid. Indicating that to even batshit crazy obsessives there was a ceiling.


This past Saturday I wrote about the tour of the Cross House I gave to Harold, his daughter Anita, and four friends of Harold: Laura, Kathy, Machelle, and Tom. At the end of the tour I pulled out my three precious speaking tube mouthpieces and showed them to the awestruck group. It was like we were viewing the Crown Jewels.

“And I just need one more! But not for $800!”


Today, Harold sent me an email: “Have you checked your mail today?”


Curious to the extreme, I hopped into my car and went to the post office (in rural America one does not always get home delivery).

There was small box waiting for me.

Scroll down…





















ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! TRIPLE ZOUNDS!!!!!!!!


The mouthpiece in “privacy” mode.


And in “speaking” mode.


On Saturday, Harold, in an extraordinary gesture, had given me four F A B U L O U S catalogs.

Then today he sends me a speaking tube mouthpiece.

There can be NO doubt: Harold is THE best ever Santa Claus.


Can I ask everybody reading this post a favor?


Harold lives here.


Can everybody send Harold a great big warm hug? Click on map to enlarge.


I am going to install Harold’s extraordinary gift in the sewing room. And every time I use that particular speaking tube I will think of Harold.


Also, I suspect that Aunt Mabel would have loved Harold, too.



19 Responses to Harold: Santa Claus SUPERHERO

  1. How sweet a gesture….Harold is indeed “Santa Claus”. Sending great big hugs to Harold from Wichita, previously Emporia.

  2. From Ohio, hugs to Harold!! Sounds like Aunt Mabel was a very special influence for you too??? WHAT are the tubes made of?

    • Hugs to Harold from Lincoln, Nebraska — the best gifts come from unselfish, generous givers.

      As a bonus, I’ve been to Hoisington! I will throw a kiss to Harold from the town square the next time I’m through.

  3. FYI: Architect Robert Metcalf Estate sale on mid century modern purple chair and ottoman you might gasp over. Thought you may have known Mr. Metcalf, from Ann Arbor, Mi. Awesome collection. Thinking of you Ross ! And again thank you to your special Santa Claus.

  4. A “hug” from your walking partner at the Hoisington gym. Harold you are an awesome guy. Looking forward to visiting this house someday !

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