The Cross House

Heat & Bases. And Tomorrow!

Ouch. Today was another scorcher. I may be afraid to go outside for the next four days!


Today I nonetheless managed to get some work done. It hugely helps that I am on the shady north side. And right next to me is a beefy industrial fan. On high. And bottles of water. Well, see my lovely new column bases? Over to the left? I am SO excited!!!!!!!! There were originally six, but two were lost. As I previously mentioned, WF Norman made these up for me. The originals were soldered into place but Norman said I could just use Liquid Nails to attach. Presto! Tomorrow I will get them painted! And I am crossing my fingers that the new medallions arrive tomorrow as well! The new medallions! THE NEW MEDALLIONS!!!!!!!!






3 Responses to Heat & Bases. And Tomorrow!

  1. So, this WF Norman guy is a miracle-worker, eh? Seems like he’s done a lot of great stuff for the Cross House. Perhaps you should send him a ham. Or whatever people send these days.

  2. I’m getting so excited, Ross! Except for the weather, it was 90 here today, I thought I was gonna die. Kmart sold both of their fans, and even the locals were going to the beach! I’m awake too, thinking how cool would it be if I came across an old weathervane JUST LIKE YOU WANTED at some flea market or estate sale and could bring it to you! Well a girl can dream, right?

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