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I Am Brilliant!

Yesterday, I did a post about the reconsideration of the exterior paint job; trying to resolve a continuity issue. I had decided to repaint some features, like the scrollwork directly above the first-floor windows on the tower.


Which I partially did today. AND I LOVE THE RESULT! This looks SO much better! Unexpectedly, it makes the first-floor curved windows look better, like they somehow now belong.


So, while I am quite brilliant today, I was, it is now apparent, quite the ding-dong when I painted the tower in 2014.


I will finish the scrollwork above the windows. Then, emboldened by today, I am going to go for it and paint green the entire horizontal section between the second-floor tower windows and the third-floor windows (I had been thinking of only painting the swags green). Then, the giant EYE in the big gable!



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  1. It looks great. You were right and I couldn’t see what you were talking about.
    But aren’t you still painting bare wood?

  2. Hi Ross,
    What many people don’t get is that you are working through a design process. Just because you make a decision about a paint color today, it doesn’t mean that you won’t change it another day if you feel the effect will be better. If you change it, it doesn’t mean that once you have time to process the change, you might not go back if you decide that the original choice was better. You could also change it again at some time in the future. Few artists have as large a canvas as you, nor do they have the time or ability to go back and change things. An example might be the cornice on the house. When you decided to paint the cornice all one color when it had been painted two when you bought it, doesn’t mean that, at some point in the future, you can’t decide that you would prefer two colors. I like it the way you have done it, but suspect I would not be unhappy if you decided to change it because both would have value. It is an hour to watch you process your different ideas.

    Of course the other thing is that I would go bonkers, assuming I’m not already there, if I had to work your “grinder” on the north side of the house and NE corner continuously until they were ready for paint. I need to take days to do things like today’s paint adjustment. For me the reward for standing in the heat in a Tyvek suit would be the painting you did today. While you have been putting in a lot of repetitive work, it gives your mind freedom to think up other creative ideas. I can’t tell you the number of times I have given out on a project, knowing that I am totally done for the day, exhausted, when I find that one last thing while locking up, revives me, and i go on to be productive for a while more in another area.

    From your results you must be doing things right.

  3. I will never (well, hardly ever) criticize decorative painting schemes, particularly where a Herculean restoration task is saving a landmark building. Still, I have longed to see more attention paid to the swags, the bands, and particularly The Emporia EYE. The early pictures did seem to show, even in aged sepia, some color difference in the areas you indicate. And now, wow! Reminds me of the eye on the flip side of the Great Seal of the US “Annuit Coeptis” Loosely translated, “[He] favors your undertakings!”

  4. I like the way the green scroll work carries my eye from the north porch around the curve to the west porch. It sweeps! The wide band of green above it will do the same for the cornice. I love it.

  5. Much better! The added dark horizontal bands will provide a harmonizing effect, “girding” the mainly vertical elements together to provide a more visually substantive aspect to the whole. Beautiful!

  6. I feel whatever you end up doing will look great… for my two cents worth…. leave the swags light, and go back above the porch and highlight the sections between the windows light also. I am a quilter and like to see all those details highlighted. You are doing outstanding work and if it does not look like you want, you can always change it.

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