I N V A D E R S!!!!!!!!


I was able to successfully block up a yawning opening in the attic of the tower, an opening which squirrels had been using forever.


DATELINE: Wednesday

I tip-toed up to the top floor, tip-toed over to the tower, and then made a lot of noise.

Silence was my reward. There was NO telltale sound of scrambling little feet. I then climbed into the attic. Absolute silence was my reward.


DATELINE: Thursday.

I tip-toed up to the top floor, tip-toed over to the tower, and then made a lot of noise.

I was not rewarded. I was dashed. Dashed, damnit! I could hear the sound of scrambling little feet. I then climbed into the attic and even saw a squirrel dash into an inaccessible crevice.

Damn. Damn! DAMN!

But, was the squirrel getting in? Or had I trapped it?



I have a humane animal trap, and carried it up the servant’s stair, after having placing a small bowl inside filled with peanut butter.

I tip-toed up to the top floor…and froze. Two squirrels were also frozen on the top floor, staring at me.

I, startled, stared back.

They continued staring.

I said: “Hello.”

They dashed away and vanished.

Damn. Damn! DAMN!

Now, it was REALLY odd that two squirrels were on the top floor, and this confirmed, I think, that my sealing the yawning opening had trapped squirrels in the house.

I left the trap on the top floor and departed.



After working on windows in the basement workroom for several hours, I went back up the servant’s stair, hoping that a squirrel (or two!) had been trapped in the cage.

As I rounded the last turn on the U-shaped stair I heard the telltale sound of scrambling little feet…right in front of me! I looked down quickly and saw a squirrel tail just round the last corner and vanish from sight.

This meant that as I was coming up the stair, a squirrel(s) was coming down the stair.

I walked over to the trap. It was empty.



DATELINE: Friday. 3:05PM

I walked down the stairs and into the library.

And heard the strangest noise. WHAT was that?

I turned to the bay window…and two squirrels turned to look at me.

Then they bolted past me.


DATELINE: Friday. 3:06PM

I now knew that at least three squirrels were in the house.

They really did seem trapped, and had been so since Tuesday.

They seemed to be desperately trying to find a way OUT of the house.

So, I opened the kitchen door, and stood motionless kiddy corner from it. I hoped the sounds and smells from OUTSIDE would attract the squirrels.

I stood. Motionless.

I stood. Motionless.

I stood. Motionless.

Then…OMG!…OMG!…a single squirrel crawled up from the basement via the missing floor in the servant’ hall, and it scurried toward the open door! My heart just stopped! The squirrel inched ever closer to freedom, closer, closer….and then my iPhone chimed with a new email alert.

The squirrel vanished back into the basement.


DATELINE: Friday. 3:15PM

I filled a dog bowl with water.

And placed it on the top floor next to the trap.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the trap have at least one squirrel in it tomorrow.






  1. Kerri on April 28, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    I think this is a perfect opportunity to utilize your fancy 6-cat kitty door in some ingenious scheme.

  2. Nathan on April 28, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    It is clear to me that your problem is not an overabundance of squirrels but a shortage of cats 😉

  3. Mary on April 29, 2017 at 6:29 am

    Ugh. This is a big problem. I commented on thw last one that we had these issues.
    We paid someone to seal up the space but the “squirrel extruder” hadn’t come yet. I should have waited. We could have then left an opening in their usual entrance to get rid of them.
    Order one! From domyownpestcontrol

  4. Sandra Lee on April 29, 2017 at 10:20 am

    At least you are down now squirrel! Hopefully your efforts with the other 2 will be successful this weekend!

    Such a shame your loss of Gilda and the recent strayi in recent months:-(

    When you are ready for a new kitty your kitty cat will help keep out new rodent invaders:-)

  5. Bill Harvey on October 23, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Quite often, your posts make me smile. The “iPhone chime” and it’s resulting affect on the squirrel made me actually laugh out loud. Thanks for that! It was needed, today!

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