The Cross House

I Spy…

…something new.








The column looks SO out-of-place! It’s all pretty and pristine against sooooooo much decay!

I am beyond excited. EXCITED!!!!!!!!

In January, 2015, when I was able to return all the missing columns to the west face of the main porch, it would not have seemed possible that getting the south face done would take until 2019!

The other three missing columns should be installed later this week! I am breathless with anticipation.

Of the four columns, only the hand-carved capitals are original. All the other parts are new.

After the columns are installed, re-shingling the second floor will re-commence. When that is done, I will move to painting the south face of the porch!!!!!!!!



17 Responses to I Spy…

  1. One step at a time…it’s sometimes hard to appreciate how far we have come until we look back to where we once were. Your house is coming back to life; so many details hidden for so long are now beginning to shine again. It will be magnificent…it already is.

  2. Oh man, baby steps to victory Ross. You really are getting closer and closer to having the outside of the house finished. That’s incredible 😍

  3. Oh, I don’t think the lone column looks out of place at all. I think it looks right at home!
    Bit by bit, you’re helping this house to regain itself, Ross. It’s strength is once again palpable. 🌻

  4. I am so very happy!!!!

    This is amazing progress & immense sweat & toil compared to other 3 sides! Immensely gargantuan! Incredible how much decay to Sourh side compared to others. I suppose water damage & other ills contributed greatly!!!

    What a gargantuan feat!!!!’
    Epic scale if change!!!!
    Hugs & kisses & glasses of champagne!


  5. That one column is giving courage to the other worn down elements on that side! See? This is what you can become! Don’t give up….Ross will take care of you too.

  6. We are so spoiled. We just get to eagerly await your posts and enjoy while you do all the hard work….meticulously!!!

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