The Cross House

Inching Along

Look! PAINT!!!!!!!!


Next, is to paint the cornice above the painted shingles.

Then, I will take down the scaffolding tower to the east of the porte-cochère and re-erect it to the west of the porte-cochère. Then I will remove all the shingles between the pair of windows and arched opening.


And things are looking good!





9 Responses to Inching Along

  1. Ross this is going to be amazing!!! This side will be my favorite due to the insurmountable obstacles overcome and beautiful craftmanship. The detail on the Porte-de-chare (sic) is remarkable! Finish identical to west entrance detail?

    Bravo maestro Ross!

  2. I know your not looking forward to redoing all those shingles. Just think of those beautiful windows glowing in the aftermath. Every time you look up at that side, for years to come you will think, what a bitch!! but oh it was so worth it!

  3. I know you already restored the window sashes; hopefully the facings and trim haven’t suffered the same UV damage as the shingles…

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