The Cross House

Inching Along…Pleasantly

It’s fascinating seeing the south facade slowly transform from “black and white” into color. Which reminds me of…






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  1. YEEESSSS!! That describes how I have felt watching you bring your house back to life! I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection, I have watched that movie a dozen times…my own experiences over the past 2 decades are more in line with The Money Pit, but then what else would I have done with all of my time and money? 😉 Oh, and get this: I’ve often shed tears that Illinois does not offer any real financial help to people restoring old buildings, not even a tax break. I spent all of 2017 and 2018 adding on and restoring the exterior of our house, rebuilding the porches to original, etc; I also spent a large amount of money. Now that it is pretty much done, I got a form letter in the mail yesterday from our city inviting all property owners in our area to a meeting next month to learn more about a new tax-increment program being set up to assist and encourage people to restore properties in the proposed historic area! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, LOL…

  2. Will you be continuing around the corner and on to the hex/tower after this last stretch of heavy labor intensive work replacing and cutting new shingles, or onto the upper gables? You’ve always seemed to work from the very top down, but you’re out of order this time, man!

    • Hi, Cody!

      My work schedule is being driven by the Heritage Grant. So, repairing the shingles is a line item, and I need to finish it.

      A previous line item was the columns. That has now been crossed off the list.

      When all the shingling is done, I will start at the very top to paint, and work my way down. That is another line item.

      Last on the Grant list is repointing the north chimney.

  3. I just started reading this blog and I’m still back in the throes of the Great Library Curtain Debacle, but seeing you bring this house back to life and back to glory is truly incredible. I’d love to someday restore an old house somewhere near the coast and this is keeping that jonesing under control…for now.

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