The Cross House

Inching Along





Three years ago.


Today! Not only have the shingles and trim been painted, but the stained-glass windows and clear windows have been restored. Having these restored makes a huge visual difference. Everything looks more crisp. The diamond-paned sashes in the gable need to be restored still.


The Great North Wall at last looks more painted than not. Whoee!


I love the “serious” triple windows of the Long Bedroom. They contrast with the fanciful triple windows of the adjacent “brooch”. And the playful triple windows on the porch.


I never realized till today that triple windows abound on the house.

In addition to what is listed above, the main facade has triple windows on the second floor, triple windows in the dormer, and triple windows on the south gable (now altered).



13 Responses to Inching Along

  1. I know the theory of decorating about using an odd number of items when decorating but doe that also apply to construction? Is groups of 3 a theme of the architect? I think all your windows are lovely, beautiful, grand etc. but I am very curious about the use of triple Windows… I suppose I will just have to do a little research!

  2. I am just stupified with each bit of progress. I absolutely love all the triple windows (of course triple windows full of stained glass is nearly unbelievable). I will definitely be in Emporia this fall for a tour. I can only imagine how much more detail and beauty can be seen in person.

    Thanks for this blog Ross. It is the high point of my morning coffee time. As well, thanks of course for taking on this project. The US doesn’t seem to value historical architecture like Europeans. Such a shame to lose these beauties.

  3. That is a very cool observation. It’s interesting to see how Squires carried common themes around the house, while maintaining the Victorian convention of asymmetry. While it may appear haphazard, good execution of that style was carefully planned, with balance of massing and detail, unlike today’s McMansion style of truly random features slapped onto misshapen forms.

  4. I echo Gabi! The exquisite brooch is just gorgeous!! Grouping of 3 w stained glass is just incredible!!!! The house is so beautiful!! All the hard work & results sublime!!

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