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Looking For Mr. Squires in 2017

Charles W. Squires (1851-1934).


Susan Squires.


The architect of the Cross House was Charles Wesley Squires, who lived a block away, and designed an astonishing 2,700 structures, and more in Emporia than any other architect.

When I purchased the Cross House in 2014 I had never heard of Squires. Today, I adore the man. His work all exhibits a quirky originality that I have grown to admire greatly. I love originality. And I love quirky even more.

I have a long post on Squires’ work. The post needs updating as I am continually discovering new work by Squires.

The other day Mike contacted me and said he loved doing genealogical work. My ears perked up. “Would you be willing to track down the descendants of Charley Squires and his wife, Susan?”

Mike replied: “Sure!”

And with alacrity Mike responded. What is fascinating is how the name Wesley has carried all through the family line:

Here is what I have found on the Squires family. 

Charles and Susan had three children:

Shirley (1884-1959)

Shirley did not marry until she was in her late 20s, and does not appear to have had any children.  She and her Canadian-born husband, Philip (Phil) McMahon, moved to the Tulsa, OK, area and lived there the rest of their lives.  They must have been fairly prosperous, as nearly 60 years after her death there is still a scholarship at the University of Kansas – Emporia in her honor, the Shirley Squires McMahon Memorial Scholarship.  I do not know any details about the scholarship, but you might learn something about it locally.

Wesley Harrison (1886-1888)

Wesley died at the age of two.

Anna (1890-1979)

Anna does have descendants living in Texas.  She married William Carol Nash, and lived her whole life in Emporia; her obituary on FindaGrave states she worked for many years at the Leatherberry-Rexall Drug Store at 503 Commercial St, where Tidwell Allstate Insurance is now.  I have yet to find her home address but will let you know if I do.  Her only child, Charles Wesley Nash Sr (1917-2003) served in the Pacific during WWII, and after the war he moved to  the Houston, TX, area.  According to his obituary, he and his wife, Mary (1918-1973), had two sons, both of whom appear to be living.  Their names are Charles Wesley (Chip) Nash, Jr. and George Cameron Nash.  Charles, Jr. has a son, Christopher Wesley (Chris) Nash; George does not appear to have any children.  It can be difficult to track down living people due to privacy laws, but here is some info (not verified, but I think correct) on these three living Squires descendants.     

  1. Charles Wesley (Chip) Nash Jr: Born c1955; Possibly works as a real estate broker/investment with JLL, which is a global real estate investment/management company: Profile
  2. George Cameron Nash: Born c1953; Very likely the owner of an interior design firm and home furnishings stores in Texas:
  3. Christopher Wesley (Chris) Nash: Born c1991;  I believe that he is a commercial realtor with Lee & Associates in Houston: Profile

While none of Charles Squires’ descendants are architects or builders, I think it is interesting that they all appear to have careers in either real estate or home décor.

If I’m correct about George (99% sure; I mean, how many people are named George Cameron Nash???), then he might be particularly interested in the Cross House. He apparently designs furniture himself; wouldn’t it be neat to have something designed by Squires’ great-grandson in a house designed by the great-grandfather? Here is a link to a story about he and his husband’s Dallas apartment, with pictures of furniture he designed.  

Well…WOW, Mike!!!!!!!!

I am just gobsmacked at all this.

Right away I will try and get in touch with the descendants of Charles and Susan. Stay tuned!!!!!!!

Thanks a million, Mike!


8 Responses to Looking For Mr. Squires in 2017

  1. I have friend that lives in Peabody, Ks. We recently drove by the building he designed there. I love his style too!

  2. There is no such institution as “The University of Kansas – Emporia.” The Shirley Squires McMahon Memorial Scholarship is awarded at Emporia State University.

  3. This is absolutely wonderful!! I hope & pray you make contact with Mr. Squire’s great-grandson! How wonderful the possibility of something this fellow has created. Yay Mike & his efforts!!

  4. A little bit of an update on Anna Squires Nash, but it raises as many questions as it answers. After her parents’ deaths in the early 1930s, she continued to live in the Squires’ house at 613 Exchange St; in the 1940 census, she is listed as living there with her son, and Anna is head of the household. There is no mention of her husband, William. Her young son soon left home to fight in WWII. In her obituary from 1979, it states that she married William in 1910, but it doesn’t say if he survived her, or if he was already deceased. At the time of her death, she had been in a nursing home for some time. I am hoping to find out if she was divorced at a young age, or if her husband died young. I am also trying to learn if she remained at 613 Exchange until the mid-70s, or if she had previously left the family’s long-time home. I’ll update when/if I learn more…

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