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Making Curvy

I have been cutting normal cedar shingles into curvy shingles, in preparation for re-shingling the south facade. The original shingle to the left looks smaller because it is farther away from the camera.


It is not hard. I take three at a time and cut the curve with a jigsaw. Then I smooth them with a disk sander.

I have to buy a bundle of shingles and then pull out all the shingles that are 5-inches or more wide. The narrower shingles get used for shims. I now have enough shims to last the rest of my life.

Bit by bit, I will continue to make curvy shingles and, when the weather heats up, I can return to the south facade.



8 Responses to Making Curvy

  1. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to the spring! Farmers are getting their equipment and planters tuned up, and Ross is getting his shingles ready!

    • Would that be easier? Wouldn’t it use way more paint, and be horribly time-consuming? I don’t actually know how it would be done, so I’m visualising having to paint each one individually. o_o Clearly that can’t be what you mean because how would that be easier, lol.

      • When you prepaint you cover all sides of the shingle making it more stable so the paint job will last longer. Also, you spend less time up on a ladder or scaffolding in the sun, as once you install the shingles, you are done. Seems way easier to me.

  2. I have to pre-face this comment by saying that I read this post title as “making curry” and was questioning your ingredients choices on seeing the picture. xD

    Perspective’s really doing a number on us with that shot, isn’t it! Part of it’s maybe also because the new shingles are pale, and lighter stuff always looks larger, doesn’t it. This shot is just more proof about black being slimming, haha.

  3. Impressive. Do you use some if narrower ones for narrow spots so you can save on 5″ ones. You could cut some “fractional curves”

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