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More Windows!

The large window sashes in the second-floor main bathroom have been restored!  On the original drawings, the window was shown as vertical. But, for reasons unknown, it was installed horizontal. Most curious!


The small window sashes to the second-floor main bathroom have also been restored (left), as well as the HUGE sashes to the housekeeper’s room (right).


On the east facade, the servant’s hall window on the second floor (left) has been restored! See the second-floor window to the right? That is one of the two only remaining sashes (save some basement windows) that still need to be restored! The diamond-paned pantry window was done previously, as were the dormer windows.


I just cannot believe it. There are, I am pretty sure, 5,984 windows at the Cross House. And only TWO more need restoring!!!!!!!!

When I purchased the house in 2014, it seemed an impossible task. Soooooooooo many windows needing soooooooooo much work. I would get queasy in taking it all in. But, via my patented Baby Step™ method, somehow, someway, 99.9% of the sashes have now been restored.

It seems a miracle.

And most of the sashes are original. They have lasted 125-years and could last another 125-years. Modern replacement windows? They have a 15-year lifespan.

(All the above newly done sashes are part of the 2017 Heritage Trust Fund Grant.)



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  1. You are SO inspiring, Ross. You cheerfully and with eyes wide open took on this hurculean task and continue, 5 years in, to delight and endeavor. Truly, your persistence and fortitude are just amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey and your passion with us. You make this “project” look not only plausible, but enjoyable!!

    Congratulations on checking the windows off the list. Well done.

  2. Amazing!
    What is the “babystep method” again? I believe I will have to start following it soon but I cannot remember how it works.

    • Hello A.H. Ross might be busy so here it is.

      On 07 October 2018, Ross wrote:

      … my patented Baby Step™ method: slow, incremental work. Every week, no matter what, some work has to take place regarding a window sash. Each sash is taken to the basement workroom, and each week a bit of work is accomplished on said sash. It doesn’t matter if one day just five minutes is spent on a sash. Or 15 minutes. Or two hours. Nope. All that matters is some effort is expended every week. And thus, somehow, like magic, 2,576 windows have been whittled down to five windows.

  3. Ross, your work is amazing. My brother will eventually have to undertake the task of restoring upper-sash diamond-pane widows (probably upwards of 15). He’s extremely overwhelmed, as I’m currently doing 3-over-1 sash windows and they’re a lot of work. Did you undertake any of the diamond sash yourself? If so, do you have any suggestions? If not, might you be able to share the approximate cost of having them restored professionally through the grant? Thanks!!

  4. Wow, great job Ross, 5,982 windows done only two more to go. But really, what you have accomplished in 5 years is amazing. Heck, what you accomplished this year is amazing. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Jackie, I watched the podcast on glazing windows and it was very helpful. Glaszing windows is my husband’s worse job. He’d rather do anything other than that. I’ll have to show him this and I might even try this myself.

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