The Cross House

Micro Change


I love when small, quick changes can make a big difference. In the parlor, I realized that, with the walls dramatically redone, the picture rail coloring no longer…worked.


So I lightly went over the raised leaf vine with the same gold as the damask stencils. MUCH better! The rail now complements the walls, I think, rather than being a discordant element.




After. The leaf vine is more visible in person than pictured, but is nonetheless much subtler than before.



24 Responses to Micro Change

  1. oooooh! The layers and the richness! Yes, in keeping with traditional over-the-top fabulousness of the Cross House. Spine-tingling!

  2. Exquisite change—made such a difference with the whole even tho subtle change! I was noticing certain rooms in Buckingham Palace have this idea— with framed sections such as these changes. Richness in the whole composition! Remarkable change & you have such an eye— your experience with design has really lent itself in the Cross House.

  3. As a lover of most shades of green, I liked the contrast, however never having been in it, I have no “sense of the room”, (not that the tastes of anyone but yourself should even be a consideration).

  4. Can anybody else see the ‘ghost cat’ in the hallway to the left in that last image?

    Recent changes to this room are great Ross. I didn’t ‘get’ the scheme as first. Since 3.0 I see what you’re trying to achieve. Layers on layers. It’s great.

  5. I know you’ve moved on to new projects, yet, I have to say something about a little niggle. The gold stecil in the green is distracting, I think. Have you tried NO stencil in the outside border around the blue/silver stripes? Now that you have the shimmering border up around the “wallpaper” sections, I wonder if the border being all the same color would help unify the room?
    The toned down picture rail really adds a nice touch. The room is *almost* there!

  6. Ross, I always enjoy your comments on Kelly’s site but here you are in your glory. Wow, is all I can say about the work you are doing and it is sooooooooo much fun to follow along!! Having an old home myself we have uttered the “poo” word more than once. One incident was a leaking pipe pouring water through my kitchen ceiling and then after part of the ceiling was taken down and the leak fixed, baby mice falling through the hole in the ceiling. That was a “poo” moment.

  7. much better – I hate to say it since you were trying to be different (which I admire ) but now it looks like a proper Victorian room. And when relaxing there hopefully your gaze will look toward the library and the same good sense you finally applied to the parlor will transfer to those hideous library shelves. got my fingers crossed. to quote the famous Canadian philosopher Red Green “we’re rootin’ for you. we’re all in this together “

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