The Cross House

More Stained-Glass!

In the long bedroom there are five stained-glass windows. Four are shown here. See the window on the right? It has a twin on the opposite wall.


I removed the windows, and they were sent off to the rejuvenation spa. The room looks quite naked without them. It’s like not even the same room.


The triple set on the north wall are, I think, my favorite in the house.


And they were pretty beat-up after 122-years. But…


…no longer! ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! Once again, thanks to Hoefer Stained Glass! Thanks, Scott! Thanks, Eric!


The matching east/west windows are also glorious! I had no idea, they were so dirty before!


Although the stained-glass panels are now restored, the wood sashes now need restoring, and the panels then to to be bedded and glazed.

So, it will be a bit before the colorful glories return to their nest.

The long bedroom will be mine, and it will be fun waking up to these fabulous windows. Great fun!






6 Responses to More Stained-Glass!

  1. Lucky duck! They’re so beautiful, I wish my house had windows like that! They’d look very strange in my 1970ish piece-of-split level ranch though….

  2. So gorgeous! The smaller windows remind me of some type of water creature, see the eyes? And the longer window, a water scene with maybe lily pads.

  3. We are having a stained glass year! I have mine all completed and in the house and you are putting the jewels back on your house. Bravo! Can’t wait to see for myself on day. Keep it up and always remind yourself of where you have come from and what you have done more than what you still have to do.

  4. They are stunning ! I can only imagine the ” rainbows ” they will produce during the days ! I assume the stain glass that came out will someday grace yet another window, for another Victorian home. And the beauty is recylced to grace another home.

  5. The north wall set of three… I can’t help it, Ross- I’m seeing spatchcock-ed chickens, preparing to be roasted.


    Then again, it is nearly lunchtime.

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