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Radiators. An FYI.


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There is no better way to heat a big old house than with radiators, and with high-efficiency boilers. But did you know classic radiators are still being made? I didn’t! But U. S Boiler makes Burnham cast-iron radiators, and in various sizes! Who knew!





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  1. Thanks for sharing this, it never occurred to me that new ones were available. Our home’s previous owner took two of the rads out and replaced them with baseboard units, and I would like to go back to the rads again some day. I know that you aren’t likely to have any spare time within the next 10 years, but if you should, please consider adding a helpful links/hints page to this site. I have learned a lot (and got some good ideas) from reading your posts, and it would be great to have all your wisdom in an easy-to-find, all-in-one-place spot!

  2. Paladin Radiators, (a British company), also sells historic reproduction radiators in a wide variety of styles. Their website says they ship worldwide, though I imagine it is pretty expensive to get something that heavy shipped from the UK to the US.

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