The Cross House

My Big Learning Curve About Historic Tile. Part 2.


In Part 1 of my Big Learning Curve, I discovered that it might actually be possible to fully restore the 1894 bathroom floor of the Cross House.


The 1894 floor.


I just got off the phone with Bryan at Olde English Tiles in Arkansas, and with incredible news. The company can match my existing tiles! Zounds! So, I really CAN fully restore the porcelain tile floors in the house. This includes three vestibules, and two bathrooms.

In my wildest dreams I would not have thought it possible that such tiles were still being made in 2015.


Step One is to send Bryan one of each tile I need replicated. Then he can forward a quote. I assume this will be way higher than if I just went to Home Depot for tiles! But, what a miracle it will be to have all the porcelain tile floors back as they were in 1894!

Bryan is my newest favorite person on Earth.

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