The Cross House

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  1. The word “Wonderful!” doesn’t even cover it! How about “Magnificent!” “Gorgeous” or “Way To Go, Ross!”

  2. I’ve just realized you posted this on the day I went to see the greatest singer/songwriter that ever lived! As you should know that would be Bob Seger… Of course!!!!!. I am less than half way done with reading all of this, and i find it so very addictive. I have spent many hours on here over the last few days. Between this and OHD I feel as if I’ve known you for years. ( don’t worry I’m not a stalker. Lol.”) I have loved old houses since I was a young child and I am so happy I decided to finally check out your site. I wish I would have done so earlier as I think I could have answered some of your questions and some how been a small help to this wonderful restoration you are doing.

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