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Paint At Last! And A Boo-Boo.

I have been eager to get the white cornice on the north porch painted as it JUMPED out.


Last week on misty damp gooey day I got some painted but everything was just to wet to finish.


But today? WHOEE!!!!!!!! Cornice done, and arched window trim! During the next two days (a weather window!) I will remove the scaffolding and get the lower portion of the column painted. I am then going to see if I can remove the railing. If so, I can then replace the lost spindles, and paint the whole inside where I have some warm rooms!


Oh, and when painting it is strongly advisable NOT to spill paint on the shingle roof and into the built-in gutter. Only idiots do this!



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  1. Yay! Looks great. Is there info on your gutters on the website? Very hard to find any roofer/contractor who knows about Yankee gutters! What is that new looking brown strip?

    • I do not, technically, have Yankee gutters.

      My gutters are built into the huge curved cornice. The gutters were poor shape and have been relined by some space-age material. This was part of the Heritage Trust grant.

      The brown strip is new drip-molding. This is a common detail at the edge of shingles.

  2. Cornice, and porches, and spindles? Oh my! You are a brave man to be out there painting when there is SNOW on the gutters.

    Those stained glass “plumes” in those porch windows just POP with the newly painted exterior. Even if the colors are a slight disappointment to you for the “close but not a match” to original, I think you have made excellent choices.

    Not to rush you, but I can hardly wait to see that spindles rail revitalized.

    • That was not JUST snow in the gutters. That was MELTING snow! Yesterday it was ICE!

      I, too, am rather breathless about getting a railing all perty!

      Oh, and I am thrilled with the house colors, even if I did get things a tad confused.

  3. It looks wonderful, Ross.

    Given the sheer size of the exterior, a small “oops” is pardonable. If it was me painting… well, I don’t want to think about it!

    I love your idea to paint the railing indoors in a controlled environment. What color are you going to paint the railings and latices, the dark olive green or the gold olive green?

  4. I seem to often get more paint on myself than on the house. You are doing a wonderful job. I look forward to your blog posts!!

  5. The solid richness of the design elements is brought back to dignified life as your paint scheme progresses. I note the carious bracket still in place–again recommend Abatron. Sure the two-part consolidant is gooey, but it only serves to, well, consolidate the wood fiber and provide a surface to which the void-filling product, the WoodEpox, can bind. The goo gets everywhere–for application I’ve used sacrificial brushes, squeeze condiment bottles, funnels with tubing, but is easily cleaned. Then you mix the two-part paste–about the consistency of cake frosting, pack the cavity with wood pieces for filler, trowel in the WoodEpox, and voila! Never had it fall out, cures as hard as wood, sandable, paintable, doesn’t shrink or crack.

    • The problem with using Abatron to repair the rotted bracket is that it will will just drip out of the hole being repaired! The bracket would need to be removed and turned upside-down. But, if I remove it, I can more easily just replace the rotted section with new wood.

      • As my children were growing up I ALWAYS instilled in them….. Any and everything you do in life, do your absolute best , whether you are being paid for it or not. This is something my parents taught me and I believe it also applies here.
        Have a great day.

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