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NOW What Did Ross Do????????

I did a post about the non-original oak floors being refinished in the parlor and library of the Cross House.

Some readers loved my…ah…unorthodox approach.

Some readers…did not.

For those of the former, you may, I hope, like this update.

For those of the latter, you should not, I repeat, should not scroll down to see the image. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



















Handsome Justin has, at last, been able to put the final coat on. I requested a high gloss finish, which nobody does anymore. But I adore glossy wood floors.


I could not be happier. Thanks, Justin!

When area rugs are down, curtains installed, art hung on the walls, and furnishings put in place, the liquid striped floors will be part of an ensemble. The trick about design is knowing how to successfully pull it all together in the end.

And I, with great anticipation, look forward to the finished product.

I do not think I will be displeased.



19 Responses to NOW What Did Ross Do????????

  1. Those glossy wood floors ARE adorable – you and Handsome Justin did a great job. I’m really getting excited now that we’re getting to see some interior finishes. More, I want more!

  2. Those floors look great. The effect is subtle and the high gloss reflects the light beautifully. You and Justin should be suitably proud of this effort.

    • I am THRILLED!

      Handsome Justin, though, is a world-class curmudgeon! He is NEVER happy with his outstanding work! As I have worked with Justin for two decades I just smile at his inability to accept praise and will, without warning, just hug him while telling him how happy I am with the art of his work. He will pull back, but…I see the hint, hint, of pleasure on his face!

  3. Oh my gosh. The light in those rooms is FABULOUS. It just puddles on the floors, exactly the way cats like best. Your fur babies are going to love the finished rooms.

    • Hi EJ!

      Thank you!

      I am soooooooooooo in love with the floors! And, they look even better in person! Stop on by! We can dance (in socks) on the liquid stripes!

      Some readers though do not love the floors. Yes, what I did is…unusual. What I did is not what one would normally see in a 1894 house. If my floors were original, I would never have made such choice. But, with circa-1950s floors I felt there was some license to do something unexpected.

  4. I think once all the furnishings are in, the floors will look great, I think people seem to forget, your not restoring a ball room floor, where there will be no rugs/furnishings.

    It reminds me of when people start complaining about when they see how a lot of older home floors were finished. You know a square of unfinished or cheaper wood in the center and a dark stained or expensive wood on the outer edge. People seem to forget, that a large area rug was meant to go in the center of the room and thus the need to only have an outer square of finished wood.

    I also love the high gloss, but I would never do it. I would get so pee’d when I scratched it lol That is why when I do mine, I am just going to oil n wax them…Simple repair for when I drag that chair and put a gouge in my floor lol

    • Thanks, Jason.

      I agree. While the floors are now REALLY dramatic (more so in the images than in person), they will recede when everything is done.

  5. Ahhhhh sweet, sweet Ross! I am still bingeing on your blog as my total knee replacement heals. In fact your blog is my treat for doing my therapy well as I recover with an icepack. Your concern for offending your blog readers is so sweet, but . . .

    Darling! This is YOUR blog, about YOUR efforts on YOUR house and those who disagree with your political opinions, choice of house colors, methods, decisions, etc. can move right along and remain quietly respectful of your work. If THEY had purchased the Cross House, they would be entitled to act out their desires, but they didn’t, did they?

    Best wishes!!

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