The Cross House


In a week, the scaffolding should be gone...entirely!
I am now on the “roof” of the scaffolding, and preparing to paint what is easily reached!


I put paint stripper all over the tin decorative swirls. The previous owner removed most of the ancient paint. But not all.


Oh! Much better!


I am working on a ┬áhorizontal strip about 3-feet high. All that can be easily reach without bending. Which my old body REALLY appreciates! When this strip is done, I will lower the “roof” of the scaffolding and do another strip. ODD DETAIL: See the lap siding? The top piece is missing! I will have to replace that. But can I curve lap siding?


Looking up. Kinda cool! I love the turret with perhaps an unnatural level of affection.








5 Responses to Painting

  1. Hate to say it, but I’m kind of glad the top board is missing. The under sheeting is very cool. I never stopped to think how they did that. Now I know. And of course you can bend a piece of clapboard. I think that’s why they created youtube. And you’ll be able to add yet another skill to your repertoire.

  2. Gorgeous! And about bending a piece of wood, I remember Amy & Doug Heavilin (Vivacious Victorian) tried several methods…

  3. It’s looking very nice. I still question your sanity with every new post. I am going to have to come see you and investigate all the interior nooks and crannies at some point.

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