The Cross House

Vanishing Scaffolding

The Great North Wall. April, 2014.


In April, 2014, I erected a scaffolding tower, with the expectation that I would begin painting the Great North Wall. An expectation which was, cruelly, dashed. And so the tower sat and sat and sat and was rained on and snowed on and heated and cooled. On and on and on. I never thought I would feel sorry for scaffolding. The poor dear.


But look! Most of the scaffolding is gone! Only one tier remains! Zounds!


In a week, the scaffolding should be gone...entirely!
In a week, the scaffolding should be gone…entirely!






5 Responses to Vanishing Scaffolding

  1. I was reviewing these pictures and I got an idea. Once the rest of scaffolding is down, you should put a light in the telephone closet so we can see that beautiful shell!

  2. i’m sorry to hear that your scaffolding was stolen. what other explanation could there be – should I notify the proper authority?

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