Repairing a Roof Finial


I have done several posts about the HUGE finial from the Cross House turret. It has been removed so the turret roof can be redone. I assumed I would paint the finial and have it reinstalled. However, in seeing it up close for the first time, I now hesitate to just paint it. It is missing bits, and has other issues. And I do hate missing bits. So, I contacted WF Norman. They are close by, and I was hoping they could repair the finial. Today, Mark got back with me. Yes, they CAN repair the finial! So, I sent him a second email with the following details.


x1 - 1

ISSUE #1 There are U-shaped applied pieces along the bottom. SIX are missing. TWO need to be re-attached. They are 4-inches high, and 2-1/2-inches wide.


x2 - 1

ISSUE #2 There are half-spheres along the bottom. EIGHT are missing. They are 1-3/8-inches wide.


x3 - 1

ISSUE #3 I can live with most of the dents. There is one big one I would like fixed, if possible, and with a detached section.


x4 - 1

ISSUE #4 One vertical “line” is missing.


x5 - 1

ISSUE #5 There are several small holes, and numerous open seams.



ISSUE #6 The top swirl may need to be replaced. It is 17-inches high, and 4-wide.


Mark wrote: “We have to make sure your old finial is structurally sound enough to go back up on the roof. Sometimes these old finials are held together by much more than their last paint job.”

I replied that the finial seems quite sound, actually. It has an interior “plate” about half-way up, and then a rod going all the way to the top. The interior show no corrosion, and the whole feels solid. The issues are, mostly, about applied parts.

So, I now await an estimate! And am breathless with anticipation!




  1. David on May 22, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    Fingers crossed that the estimate comes back at $20!

    • Ross on May 22, 2016 at 6:31 pm


      I will cross my toes, too!

  2. Jason J on May 22, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    My estimate….It isn’t worth repairing, we’ll need to build a new one from scratch and use this one as a template….Low four figures will be the price :p lol Once they dip that, to remove all the “repairs there won’t be much left….Good thing is, you can see if they can supply you with a half a dozen…And you can sell others a “Ross” Final lol

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