The Cross House

Repairing the Oh Poo

Fifteen days ago I did a post about the radiator system being turned back after years of disuse.

And all went kinda sorta maybe well…save the parlor ceiling being damaged by a leaking radiator connection.

Yes, poo.


The damaged ceiling. It could have been SO much worse, and I am nothing if not a glass half-full kinda guy.


Step One repairs.


Step Two.


Step Three. Primer day!


Step Four. Finish coat! I was terrified that the finish coat (a very pale teal color) would not quite match, and that the whole ceiling would require repainting. But this did not prove the case. Tomorrow, I will fill in the “cracked ice” lines and then, hopefully, all will be well. Then I need to attend to the…oculus.


The culprit. This is the hexagon bedroom ABOVE the parlor. Justin removed the radiator, the floor, the subfloor, and then replaced the very very very bad pipes which had caused so much havoc.


Then a hose was temporarily connected between the pipes to test them. No leaks! So, the sub-floor was reinstalled. (NOTE: Behind the radiator are layers and layers and layers of old wallpapers.)


I am crossing my fingers that in a few days the radiator will be reinstalled — uneventfully — and the ceiling and oculus will be fully repaired.

While upsetting, none of this really freaks me out. I expect problems with old houses. I expect problems restoring an old house.

For, old houses are similar to life itself: Full of the unexpected.

And I am grateful when I can…do something.




10 Responses to Repairing the Oh Poo

  1. There was a restorer named Ross
    Who lived in a house rather Cross.
    It threw him a curve
    that he didn’t deserve
    But Justin and Ross are Boss!

    (Groan) Accept the sentiment, if not the limerick

  2. Look at the color change of the baseboard. Shows how much lighter the original finish was. Can not wait to do some work on the trim.

  3. So glad your radiator system is repaired and running properly. But, oh your poor ceiling, so much work ruined. I know what a pain it is to go back and do something a second time. Radiators are the best though, warm, efficient and clean heat. Our former house had radiators, but our present old house has electric baseboard heating and I just hate it. Expensive and can’t keep up once the temps are below 15 degrees. Best of luck redoing the ceiling, it will look better than ever.

  4. Do I spy with my little prying eyes a stenciled border below the picture rail?? Call me crazy, but I’ve never noticed it before!

    And hey, just think! Here shortly, when all that messy painting business is done, perhaps you can put up those cool new sconces, eh?!

  5. I’m with Cody and Nathan, you’ve made some changes to the parlor walls and didn’t tell us…what little I can see looks great. I’m glad that the ceiling wasn’t damaged any more than it was.

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