The Cross House


So…the disaster.


And…the resurrection! The oculus still needs work but the main ceiling is back! All my worries about not being able to match everything proved for naught. The ceiling looks perfect. Squee!!!!!!!!




All the repairs to the EVIL radiator which caused so much trouble are now complete, and the radiator is back in place…and warming, baby! Warming!


Today, Justin was also able to reinstall the ceiling radiator in the basement laundry room. All by himself! With ropes and pulleys he hauled the HEAVY radiator up and up and up and attached it to the ceiling ALL BY HIMSELF where it had been installed in 1894 but removed in 2014. When he was done, I stood staring at this feat, gobsmacked. I then stared at Justin, awed into silence by his God-like abilities.



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    • When I lived in a house that had radiators in every room, I placed my laundry on all the radiators. Not only did it dry my clothing but also put moisture into the air.

  1. Tiffaney & Melody you both are a hoot!!! Haha I would be right behind you two with the radiator as a lovely heated drying rack— like an olden days clothes dryer!!! Hahaha

  2. My rooming house in England had a heated towel rack in the main bathroom, which I shared with the other folks on my floor. It was made of hollow pipes resplendent in a chrome finish, and it heated not only the towels but the bathroom too. It was hooked into the house’s radiator system. I loved it, and the bathtub, which was big enough for a tall person to lie down in (which means that I, a short person, could practically swim in it). In my imaginary house, which is a lot like the Cross House but with a hidden room and a secret stairway, I have a bathroom with that tub and drying rack. Now I need to add that hanging radiator to the list of features in my imaginary house.

  3. So glad to hear I’m not the only one with an imaginary house! Mine is a neo gothic manse, rather resembling Carla Minosh’s house in danville.

  4. That’s great! It really did patch up nicely!

    I love the radiator in the ceiling, too. Our basement does not have any heating (aside from what is radiated from the boiler and piping), and gets kind of chilly when it’s below freezing outside. At some point if we actually use the space for more than storing crap, I will need to consider heating options. I like the ceiling radiator idea!

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