The Cross House

Ruination. Vanquished.

Last week.


Today. All traces of the ruined ceiling are erased. I need to do some fussing on the oculus but the work is otherwise complete.


NOTE: I added a clear outer border to the oculus. Better!





And a great big: WHEW!


12 Responses to Ruination. Vanquished.

  1. Hi Ross. This is truly an amazing transformation. It looks fab with the newly added border; and just goes to show how quickly mess can be cleared up. Happy weekend in KS from the dusty desert of Dubai. Colin.

  2. Leave it to Ross to not only bring this masterpiece back to new – but also make a great improvement!
    You amaze me with your talent and determination! BRAVO! And yes, you’re WARM!

  3. That must feel great to have it back again!

    Repairing work you did in the firdt place is always the most depressinf of all jobs. There’s something in us restorer folk that wants to feel our work is permanent. Or will at least outlast us.

  4. I am living for this restoration! The history, attention to detail, I could go on for ages. I have deep historical roots where I’m from in Oregon, sadly my family lost the original house on the family land. Seeing things like this just warms my heart. History preserved and loved. Thank you Ross for brightening my day!

  5. I am super happy! The water damage was super irritating, but looking at the great work you do on the house, and on your light fixtures, I knew you would have it back in no time! Great work, and congrats! I envy your paint and design skills!

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