The Cross House

Scary Before. Glorious After.


Cross House, 1999. I just found this image. Want to be truly scared? Click on the image; it enlarges. (Image courtesy Bob Rodak.)


Cross House, 2016. OK, I feel better now.



8 Responses to Scary Before. Glorious After.

  1. Take special note of the lattice work. I’m sure you already know this, but I’ve only recently become aware of the proper DETAILS of lattice work. Note that there is a frame around the lattice, and that the entire piece then fits the space. Now that I’ve been enlightened, I’ve begun to notice the vast number of old houses whose lattice work, when renovated, has been done incorrectly (by that I mean someone has just stuck a piece of lattice either behind or in front of the allotted space. As you would say, HORRORS!).

    The new railing looks smashing. Just smashing.

    • Worry not!

      I have two sections of original lattice remaining, and these are invaluable templates. I will scrupulously recreate every detail.

      Most replacement lattice is “thin”. My originals have a nice “beefy” quality that I love, and think is so important visually.

  2. when I look at before, the Munster theme wells up in my left ear while the Addams family theme screams in my right ear but the after :DEBUSSY

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