The Cross House

Wanna Meet My Griffins?

I have done several posts about the eight fireplaces in the Cross House, and also of their cast-iron frames and insert panels. There are also bottom pieces. See this one? See over to each side of it? Why…


…I have griffins in the house! I never noticed! Griffins!!!!!!!!







10 Responses to Wanna Meet My Griffins?

  1. These are pre-cleaning Ross? I follow your blog and await new posts with extreme anticipation! Beautiful home, awesome job.

  2. Ross, are you sure those are griffins? I’m wondering if perhaps they are phoenixes. It would make sense after all: consumed by fire, rising from the ashes… and on the fireplace. Whaddaya think?

  3. These are phoenixes. You can tell because they are all bird and have that funny topknot on their head (kinda like a peacock only wavy). They are often shown rising out of a fire, but that’s not in evidence here.

    A griffin has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion from just behind the wings back to the tail. (A hippogriff is similar but is eagle and horse.) Here’s one of a pair of guardian griffons at the gate of Villa Montalvo.

  4. if you are familiar with the Castle in the Clouds mansion in Wolfeboro, NH, they have a large pair of Chinese griffins that I think show up on their website. I will check my picture file as I may have a picture of them.

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