Self Delusion vs. Reality

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Donald Trump: My administration has been one of the most successful in American history!!!!!!!!

The Majority Public: Nope.


From Newsweek:

“Trump is now the least popular first-year president in the country’s history and a vast majority believes he has failed to keep the promises that won him the White House, according to two new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research polls.

The results showed a poor approval rating for Trump. The president received a 32 percent rating, marking Trump as the least-popular commander-in-chief since approval ratings were recorded. Conversely, Trump received a 67 percent disapproval rating.”

Newsweek continues: “The president’s numbers were much stronger when it came to the economy. Forty percent approved of Trump’s work on that front, and he’s routinely boasted on Twitter about the ever-surging U.S. stock market and the nation’s four percent unemployment rate.”

However, as I previously pointed out in this post, no president can take credit (or receive blame) for the economy or stock market during their first year. This is properly attributed to their predecessor. So…THANKS, OBAMA!

It should also be noted that 100,000 American jobs have been outsourced abroad in 2017, and the year end job creation number is about 400,000 less than a year ago.

Oh, and Trump is still having his products made abroad.


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